A stand against OBJECTIFYING women and a refreshing way to see the beauty in others and yourself.

For varies reasons, my girls are kept anonymous. There are no head shots, and no names presented on this page. Please respect the physical and mental openness of these ladies. Their stories are beautiful, as well as the their bodies that help tell it. Any questions or concerns, i can be reached at vavivisuals@gmail.com

***** was the first woman to approach me about being in the project. During my interview with her she opened up about recently learning to accept certain areas of her body. She explained that her stomach protruded out more than she would like, and although she tried methods to slim down, that, that was just the way her body was and that was okay. In highschool, her breast had reached a size G. Due to teasing and uncomfortability that came with that large of breast she decided to get a breast reduction. She is ultimaltey happy with the choice she made.

After our shoots, ***** and i have done some of my most well known nude projects together. She has explored her self love more deeply and spends alot of her time making art about women body.


***** dug deep into her past to figure out where some of her body insecurities started. She shared it started from her own family. "By the time i was 5 or 6 i had internalized that i was 'fat'. She compared herself to her sister who was always the "skinny" one. During fights with her sibling, hurtful words like "fat' and other name calling were thrown across rooms. Even friends would 'joke' about her body image, "girls dont realize the affect of words have on each other at the time.' Id have to completely agree. There are plenty of women that are responsible for other women's insecurities. A popular song on the radio has a line "Fuck them skinny bitches in the club'. No matter a womans size or appearance, shaming each other is never acceptable.

One of my all time favorite shots is the shot of ***** (starting on the left below). She had waited until the very last second to remove her underwear for the shoot, and her immediate reaction was to cover her vagina. It was almost a natural reaction. When she apologized, I told her to put her hands where ever they feel the most comfortable, and that shot was taken. After the shoot, we got into discussing vaginas. "most people dont talk about vaginas, we are insecure and private about it... I feel it could be something that is celebrated'. 


**** has recently dug herself out of a dark time period in her life. Years ago she was raped by a family member. When she had the courage to tell her mother, she learned that most of the women in her family were raped and it was something that was just kept quiet. She had fallen into a place where a way to deal with it was by having sex. Wanting to feel her body feel loved. Until she realized that loving her body herself, was more than enough


" Since i was little ive always been taught to hate my body"

'DON'T show off your boobs or you are a whore... no one want to be a whore.'

***** made sure i emphasized the marks on her body from her bra and pants. She told me about all that women do to make themselves presentable everyday. Literally imprinting our bodies, suffocating them, to fit certain standards. Tight jeans, to form to our shape for men to judge. Bras to keep our breast high and perky for gazes. 


***** shared her insecurity about her breast. Her comfortable place to put her hands while we were shooting was over her breast. With magazines and movie stars with emphasized curves, it was only natural for her to compare. She said in high school she was constantly jealous of younger classmates that had larger breast than her. She even mentioned the teasing that came from friends about her breast. Her insecurity ran so deep that until recently, she kept her bra on during sex.