not ur baby pt.2 ~ March 26th 2016



Pre Show:

East Bay Express, YKLaFamilia, Nook and Kranny, Las Brujas Radio, Awkward Convos with Beejus


Best of the Bay 2016 - East Bay Express

Wine and Bowties:"The room came to life. Amongst the stir of excited conversation and performance pieces, there was an array of artwork displaying the experiences of more than 45 female artists involved in the show. Pieces that covered the walls told stories of self validation, sisterhood, spirituality, sexuality and empowerment. Every single detail was art" 

YK La Familia: "With the first Not Ur Baby proving a success, it only makes sense that the empowering show and benefit for the fight against human trafficking would return for a second installment - and it didn't fail to live up to the first. We were blessed with some truly beautiful weather in the Town that day, adding to the euphoric atmosphere which radiated from the warmth of those in attendance, all there to celebrate and experience an engaging show."

Veuxdo: "The room was filled with vibrant inspiring energy. It made me proud to live in Oakland. Everyone was radiant and supportive and respectful. My heart was fluttering the whole time. So many things resonated. I was also surprised and touched after Regina's poem/presentation. I was embarrassed and kind of horrified by my ignorance about sex trafficking in Oakland, and it definitely made me want to find out how to be a part of the solution. The whole event felt like women/womyn/allies/everyone lifting each other up. This might be kind of silly way to describe it, but i was telling my friends in Texas afterwards it felt like a revolutionary art event, rather than a hipster art gathering."

Rehab Online Mag (interview): " Vavi: I wanted to give a space for local women to showcase their art. I had been in a handful of shows and noticed during install that i was most often the only girl apart of the show. There are a lot of talented women in the bay area. But for whatever layers of reasons, these women stay super cute. Not Ur Baby is able to shine a spotlight. I just wanna see more women winning."